Areas of interest


Specialty Consumer

  • Home & housewares
  • Electronics accessories
  • Green, sustainable products
  • Apparel & accessories

Consumable Goods

  • Personal care & beauty
  • Food & beverage
  • Health & wellness
  • Household & pet

Online / Internet

  • Direct-to-consumer e-commerce
  • Consumer services
  • Mobile applications

Consumer Retail

  • Health, fitness & wellness
  • Restaurant & food services
  • Learning & education


What We Look For


  • Motivated founders and capable management demonstrating strong execution
  • Growth stage companies: annual revenue of $5 to $25+ million
  • Venture stage companies: seed and A rounds for consumer and digitally native brands
  • Differentiated products and brands that are or have the potential to be "platforms"
  • Laser focused on customer experience and engagement, bridging the gap between digital and offline
  • Operations and market driven; enablement by technology, web services and social media influence
  • Lead product that can be expanded, diversified and taken to international markets
  • Strong product and design differentiation, high gross margins and solid intellectual property
  • Significant growth potential over the next 3 to 5 years
  • Market validated or innovative business models


Investment size & Stage


We invest $3 to $10 million in growth stage companies and $100 to $500K in companies raising early stage venture capital. We prefer to lead growth stage investments, but also co-invest in opportunities requiring larger checks.




We invest in privately-held companies located throughout the United States. For reference, your address should be located somewhere inside of the below graphic (and not in the white areas, although sometimes).